What To Do When Making An Interstate Move

If asked to talk about their moving experience, most people will give a negative review since moving house or offices can be quite stressful particularly if you take it upon yourself to handle it on your own.  A survey done by Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2017 estimated that 43% of the population have (or will) moved houses in a period of five years and a good number of these moves are interstate. If you are thinking of making an interstate move, there are things that you need to consider since Australian states are quite different and so are the challenges involved. If considering an interstate move, you may be looking at close to three to four days of transit and taking such a move without knowing your bases is ill advised.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when making an interstate move.

Quarantine laws

Australia is known for having some of the strictest laws when it comes to quarantine. You may think that these laws don’t affect you but if you are considering bringing pets, some plants and even agricultural equipment, you may need to look in on this before you do. The reason for these strict laws is to safeguard the local economy since unknowingly, you may introduce some pests and diseases that could lead to costly controls being implemented making the industry and community incur a lot of losses.

Declutter your life

Before you move, take your time to sort through your property and decide what you need to bring with you. If you have any large appliances that you think you might not need in the new place, you should sell them or donate them to charity. This also goes for all your clothes, furniture and bedding. Take only what you need to reduce the cost. If you are considering getting new stuff for the new house, then it makes no sense transporting the old stuff in the first place.

Getting to your new place

You may think that packing up your car and driving to your new place might be easier and cheaper than hiring a moving company but when you consider the miles you are going to clock on your car as well as the toll the long drive is going to have on you and your pets. If you have to hit the ground running, then you may want so look into getting a professional removalist service since among others, they know exactly how to handle animals in transit.

Choose the right removalist

Moving house all on your own may seem like an adventure at first but when you sit down and really break down the entire process, you will notice that things will start to add up. Like most house moves, interstate relocations will often require specialised handling of items and animals involved, professional interstate removalists are equipped to deliver these specialised services from packing and delivery to insurance, check out this company for more information. These specialised services include pet handling as well as transporting bulky property such as vehicles. In addition, you will need to know if the chosen moving company has safe storage for the duration of the move. For instance if you are moving from Sydney to Perth, you will be looking at more than forty hours of transportation and your mind will be more at ease knowing what their storage situation is like.