What is Compaction Equipment

This is a tool used to compress the soil. It can be used to compact and dispose waste or compress loose soil before starting the actual construction work. It is of various types, and it possesses unique characteristics. When choosing this equipment, one needs to consider soil categories. Categories of soil include the granular, the organic, the semi-cohesive and the cohesive soil categories. Types of compaction equipment hire are sheep’s foot, roller, reverse plate, forward plate, and vibratory plate and so on. Here is a brief explanation of what each of this Compaction Equipment is used for:

  • REVERSE PLATE: this is used to work on semi-cohesive soil category due to its weight and forcefulness.
  • ROLLERS: they are used on granular soils category with high frequency and low amplitude. The major difference between Forwarding Plate and Reverse Plate is that Reverse Plate can be stopped during operation for compaction.
  • RAMMER: it has a small diesel engine and is used in kneading, vibration and impact compaction procedures.
  • VIBRATORY ROLLER: this is for driveways, parking lots, edges, trenches, secondary roads, municipal work, sidewalks, etc. sheep’s foot.
  • ROLLER: these are used for compacting fine-grained soil such as heavy clays and silty clays. Sheep’s Foot Roller has vibratory and static types. Sheep’s Foot Roller work optimally when lugs are gradual walkout of the roller lugs with successive coverage.
  • GRID ROLLERS: these rollers are suitable for clayey soils, silty clays, and uniform soils. They are used for the compaction of weathered rocks and graded coarse soils.

All these tools can be extremely expensive so its important you choose the correct access equipment before you begin the job, if you are planning to purchase or buy access equipment in Melbourne, click here for more information.


  • Water Content: At low water content/level, the soil is silt and provides more resistance to compaction process while at a level where the water content is high the soil particles get lubricated.
  • The quantity of compaction: An increase in compactive effects brings about increase in soil compaction.
  • Soil type: Generally, coarse-grained soil can be compacted to higher dry density than fine-grained soils.


In road construction, the primary purpose of compaction equipment on soil layers is to prolong the durability of pavement. In addition to this, compaction equipment also reduces the compressibility of the area in order increases the shear strength and stability of the area, visit this site to find out more. These tools also help to reduce the permeability and control the swelling and shrinkage of the area.