Tips When Hiring a Deck Builder

Not all decks are created, hence neither are all deck builders. Building a decking in your home or replacing an existing deck can be a very costly project and the last thing you want to do is to hire the wrong deck builders for the job. Choosing the right deck builders may be challenging but with diligence and a little homework, you will have a peace of mind to your entire undertaking. 

1. Make bids and not estimates.

When installing a deck, solicit bids from at least three contractors. Make sure that you are receiving a bid and not just an estimate. An estimate is only an educated guess and does not have a legal protection whereas bids, on the other hand, will contain particular legal protections both for you and your deck builder or contractor.

2. Avoid Paying in Large Deposits.

Most deck builders may require you to deposit a certain amount to make sure that they can maintain their schedules and to make sure they aren’t underbid after on projects they haven’t started working on. However, if your deck builder is asking for too large amounts of deposit, it might not be a good sign. It could mean that the beck builder is struggling financially and might struggle to finish your project in a timely manner. While most state governments legally allow contractors to require a deposit, still, it won’t hurt to check if your local government has this certain rules in your area.

3. Put in in writing.

Do not ever consider a verbal agreement. Put everything in a written contract. Include everything such as the bid, the construction schedule, the overall costs, mode of payment, deposits, materials, estimated completion, etc. All of these elements must be put in your contract before you both begin the project. While verbal agreements may be legally binding in the place where you live, still, a legitimate contract will protect both of you and your builders from a miscommunication and common forms of misunderstandings.

4. Check the deck builders references, insurance as well as licensing.

Not all contractors, be it deck builders, pergola builders, and others have the same level of credentials. As much as possible, make sure to visit their offices. Check their work ethics and status. Talk to their former customers if possible. Take all the steps you can to ensure you will hire a qualified and reputable builder, as a resident of Mornington Peninsula my advice for those looking for a builder would be to start with this company who do exceptional work at a great price.

Top Questions You Should Ask Your Deck Builder

  • How long have you been building decks?
  • When and where did you learn how to build a deck?
  • Were you professionally trained or went in an apprenticeship program?
  • Are you registered?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Do you have an insurance?
  • What is your insurance carrier’s name?
  • How long will it take for you to complete the deck?
  • Can you provide any decking material options?
  • Can you give warranties for your work?
  • When are you going to start working on building the deck?

When planning to add a deck in your house, it is advisable to investigate first your potential deck builder and do your research, if you are from Melbourne I would recommend checking out these deck builders. Building your own deck can be doable, yet even the experts in this field consider it a difficult project.

Choose a deck builder who does not only have an awesome eye for your design but also passionate about their job. Someone who will take pride in their work and will do their best to deliver not just beautiful but also the eye-catching deck.